Book Group Prezi

Multimodal Literacies and Emerging Genres

This presentation was done in collaboration with Jarret Krone. Multimodal Literacies is an anthology of works, demonstrating the importance and pertinence of multimodal literacies in our classrooms and showing that we have always been multimodal. This book helped clarify and better define multimodal, as a means to better employ these practices in our own classroom.

Teacher Inquiry Prezi

“How to foster tutoring spaces in a classroom: using ZPD, Situated Learning, and a mentorship model in your classroom”

In an effort to better understand how we can incorporate tutoring spaces in the classroom, I wanted to share __Chapter 3 Situated Learning Lave & Wenger__. These short stories about apprenticeship can help us understand how learning happens in other places and what can happen when what you learn becomes part of your identity. My ongoing questions prod at how we can incorporate more of composition theory into a foreign language writing class while instilling a mentorship model in your class.I invite you to take a look at my Prezi and ask yourselves some of those questions. If you have the opportunity to apply your ideas in your classroom, please share!


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