“As the students’ lips mouthed incognizant sounds all I understood was drivel; la vie was not en rose.”

Intrinsic Motivations

Fourteen years old and desperately insecure about my appearance, I felt nothing short of anger and contempt toward my parents for willingly uprooting my life and throwing me in to a foreign country. Sitting among 35 students of whom I shared absolutely nothing with was even more painful than the jagged sounds of a new language; the first day of school in a French high school was not exactly a stroll in the park. The mutterings in French around me brought forth no sentiment of compassion and love as portrayed in modern film and music that I expected. As the students’ lips mouthed incognizant sounds all I understood was drivel; la vie was not en rose.

Nearly a decade later, I now thrive in a setting in which I am exposed to dozens of students ranging from an equally diverse array of regions from throughout the world. My job at the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) is to engage international students in conversational English through cultural, engaging activities to promote their language acquisition. During an internship with the ESL Resource Center, I focused on the academic aspect of tutoring English  as I facilitated one-on-one tutoring sessions with non-native English speakers. Halfway through the TIL program at Chico State and a TESOL certificate, I know that I am where I have always wanted to be.

The TIL program is the advancement of my professional goals. English-education among ESL learners has not only been a normalcy throughout my life but has now developed in to a life-long passion. Studying abroad in Paris in 2010, I chose to supplement my academic career through private English tutoring in conjunction with an internship in the English department of a technical engineering school in Paris. Akin to my work with ALCI, I organized inter-cultural events that engaged students through direct conversation to hone their English language abilities.

As recipient of Outstanding Graduating Senior in the French major at CSU Chico in 2012, I have demonstrated a balance of extra curricular and scholastic accomplishments. My knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese will broaden my scope to communicate with the world, while my TESOL certificate will benefit my goal to become an ESL instructor.

I will draw from my experience as a second-language learner to promote cross-cultural engagement in bridging and advancing sustainable development and tolerance in underdeveloped and developed countries alike. I firmly believe that I have a calling in life to work toward something larger than myself, completing my MA from the TIL Program will advance and hone my skill set so that I can serve as a valuable catalyst to affect lasting, sustainable and positive change. My Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and French complement this endeavor and will further my journey; I am at a mere beginning on my life and I possess nothing but excitement for a future as a language teacher.


Other Reflections:

Phi Sigma Iota

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