Resources from the NCWP Summer Institute 2014

Below you will find several resources from the 2014 Summer Institute at the Northern California Writing Project through the National Writing Project. Each link will take you to a dedicated page relevant that subject. This professional development became a learning community that was productive and refreshing. I am excited to continue to add to this page of resources in the future.


A pivotal part of our participation in the NCWP Summer Institute was our Teacher Inquiry presentation. This provided an opportunity to present our practice and receive feedback on an assignment we had assigned. I used my Teacher Inquiry presentation as an opportunity to ask some questions and get some feedback from experienced teachers.

Another exciting moment involved reading a book and sharing that with our cohort. Through this presentation with another participant, we were able to join the conversation about multimodality and teaching.

Teaching Resources:

These resources were shared by teachers ranging from Kindergarten to High School. Most of these are digital learning tools that can help students in different age groups and subjects learn how to better identify with the subject matter.



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