Professional Development Goals

My professional development goals are to teach ESL and French in an engaged way.

I. Teach in an engaged way.

It was not until very recently that I realized how much I love to teach. I always felt that I had this uncontrollable energy and was unsure on how to harness that until very recently-in front of a classroom. My goal to teach in an engaged way has led the way I teach and plan my lessons.

II. Inspire students.

This is a goal that I hope will be forever fleeting, just allowing me to grasp it briefly. I want to inspire students to use their language around the world, and use their knowledge of language to help them reach whatever goals they have set for themselves.

III. Ignite creativity.

This goal is similar to the previous goal, in that, I want to do this forever. I do not want to lose sight of why I chose to teach. I want to keep my creativity, so as to inspire and ignite creativity in others.

IV. Work internationally using at least two or more different languages daily.

This goal is a more concrete goal that can be applied in many different scenarios. I was able to do this last summer as a camp counselor and language teacher in Dortmund, Germany where I taught English and French to German children. I was able to use French, English and German interchangeably on a daily basis last summer, fulfilling my short and long term goal of working internationally using multiple languages.

V. Teach French and ESL at a university or community college.

In hopes of attaining the perfect job, I would love to teach French at a university or college that also hosts an ESL program where I can teach students English as a second language. I am so incredibly lucky to have experience in both at CSU, Chico, as a teaching assistant in French 101 and working at ALCI. I am pursuing a career to do this as a professional, I believe I would truly flourish as my enthusiasm and focus lead the way.

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