Below you will find my relevant undergraduate and graduate coursework at CSU, Chico. Each link contains a course description, syllabus, and specific examples of assignments from that course.

Second Language Acquisition 

ENGL 470 | Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition

EDSL 610 | Foreign and Second Language Teaching: Methods

EDSL 633 | Foreign and Second Language Teaching : The Cultural Dimension

Second Language Education

EDSL 635 | Current Research and Developments in Foreign and Second Language Education

EDSL 636 | Foreign and Second Language Education: Testing and Assessment Practices 

EDSL 637 | Foreign and Second Language Education: Curriculum Development


ENGL 474 | Syntactic and Morphological Analysis

ENGL 478 | Linguistic Approaches to Reading

Professional Experience

EDCI 689 | Professional Field Experience

FLNG 689 | Professional Internship

ENGL 431 | Theory and Practice in Tutoring Composition


ENGL 631 | Literacy as Distributed Cognition

ENGL 632 | Theories of Literacy

ENGL 634 | Teaching Composition

French Language and Composition Studies

FREN 697 | Independent Study (work with graduate students of English-translation)

FREN 699 | Independent Study (work with undergraduate students in FREN 420: French linguistics)

FREN 698 | Independent Study (work with undergraduate students in FREN 302: French composition and conversation)