Bonjour! Bienvenue sur mon site de portfolio!

Hello and welcome to my professional teaching portfolio.

Here you will find a collective of my experiences in graduate school, including my resume, teaching certificate, professional goals, teaching philosophy, reflections, coursework, student learning objectives, and much more! This collection is always changing and always growing, so please, visit frequently. If you have any questions about my experiences or work, do not hesitate to contact me.

Merci, danke, gracias, grazie, ありがとう, thank you,

Amanda Abrahams


Twitter: @runswithllama



2 responses to “Introduction

  1. I came into French 302 thinking this class was going to be over my head, so I immediately signed up for a tutor. Then the next day when I went to tutoring Amanda greeted me with a warm smile and a “bonjour!” She helped me better understand the material I was reading in class, and also gave me better studying/ pre-reading techniques. After a couple weeks other people started coming to our tutoring sessions which made the group discussion a lot bigger. At first I was a little timid, but Amanda reassured me that “we’re all learning here.” Amanda helped me break out of my shy little french shell, and actually has inspired to become a french tutor myself.
    All in all, Amanda has helped me an immense amount in my French 302 class this semester. I love her positive attitude towards teaching, and her bubbly personality. The one thing that stood out the most with Amanda is that I noticed I am extremely comfortable around her. She made it easy for me to share my ideas without worrying if I got the answer “right”. She is such a great tutor and I know she’ll be an even better teacher!

  2. Cristina Calva

    Last semester I decided I wanted to study abroad in France next year, so to prepare for my trip I took French 101 and signed up for tutoring. I was a little nervous about learning a new language, but right away Amanda helped me feel comfortable with the learning process. She adjusted to my learning style and gave me a much better understanding about French by explaining both the grammar and the pronunciation. She made it okay to ask lots of questions and repeat lessons if needed. Amanda was always very energetic and made it easy to get excited about learning French.
    Thanks to Amanda I finished the semester with a firm grasp about the information, and I am excited to continue my journey with the French language. She was a great tutor and I am very happy I got the oportunity to learn from her.

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