Curriculum Vitae

Below are my professional resume and teaching certificate from CSU, Chico. Please email me should you need letters of recommendation or clarification on either document.

Amanda Abrahams Teaching Certificate (TESOL)

Amanda Abrahams

Camarillo, CA •


California State University, Chico CA

M.A. in Teaching International Languages: French

expected May 2015 (thesis in progress)

Certificate in Teaching College Level Writing 


Graduate TESOL Certificate


California State University, Chico CA

B.A. in International Relations


B.A. in French Language and Literature 

Université Paris 3: Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris FR


European Studies, French Language and Literature

 Fall 2010



Spanish (Native), English (Native), French (Full working proficiency), Italian (Intermediate), Portuguese (Basic), German (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

Teaching Experience

Instructor of English

English Department, CSU, Chico  

Chico, CA

Aug. 2014 – Dec. 2014

Built and implemented syllabus for first year composition, writing intensive course – English 130: Academic Writing. Taught research skills, academic prose, peer revising strategies, and multimodal applications to inquiry papers.

ESL Instructor

American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) CSU, Chico                                

Chico, CA

Jan. 2014 –  Mar. 2014

Taught beginning level Listening, Pronunciation for one 7 week session. Created lesson plans to follow the ACTFL and TESOL guidelines. Implemented and followed Student Learning Outcomes of an accelerated language program.

Private French Tutor/Teacher

Chico, CA

Create personalized language lessons. Focus on conversational skills in a real life setting. At times, supplement high school French class with additional vocabulary focus and an emphasis on pronunciation.

Master French Tutor

Student Learning Center, CSU Chico    

Chico, CA

Sep. 2013 – Dec. 2014

Provide tutoring French 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 303, 420, 480, 697. Work one-on-one and small groups to focus on pronunciation, grammar, speaking, writing. Focus on introductory grammar and pronunciation. Extensive focus on writing, grammar, pronunciation and intonation, oral presentation and reading comprehension. Creation of a French Pronunciation Hour, focusing on the IPA; listening, speaking activities.

Conversational English Teacher

Sunflower Sprachcamps    

Dortmund, Germany

Jun. 2013 – Aug. 2013

Created camp schedules for children ages 8-14 with an emphasis on language activities promoting speaking English. Designed intensive seminars to train international teachers. Facilitated the creation and execution of a cumulative festival, in which the children would use their skills and language learned during the week long camp.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, CSU Chico

Chico, CA

Jan. 2013 – Dec. 2014

Assisted with the teaching of French 101, 102 at CSU, Chico. Led the class in language acquisition and create lesson plans for each class with objectives. Monitored, assessed and, created innovative ways to present the language functions and forms.

Substitute French Instructor

Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, CSU Chico

Chico, CA

Jan. 2013 – Dec. 2014

Acted as substitute instructor for FREN 101:First Semester; 102: Second Semester; 302: Composition and Conversation; 420: French Linguistics.

Substitute ESL Instructor


Chico, CA

Spring & Fall 2013

Acted as a substitute instructor for ALCI elective classes: American Slang and Idioms, Cross Cultural Awareness, Intermediate Reading, Beginning Grammar, Basic Writing Skills.

Private English Tutor

Haas Family

Paris, France

Sep. 2010 – Jan. 2011

Created games and specialized a plan focusing on pronunciation and functional vocabulary.

English Department Intern

EPITECH School of Technology

Paris, France

Sep. 2010 – Jan. 2011

Worked as an English tutor to promote conversational English with French students of

technology. Designed lesson plans, topics of conversation, organized and located events to hold


Symposiums and Conferences 

Student Learning Center Professional Development Workshop Facilitator – Fall 2014

Title of presentation: “Looking at Tutoring Spaces as Communities of Practice”

Arizona State University Symposium for Second Language Writing Fall 2014

Title of work presented: “Distributed Cognition in Second Language Writing Spaces”             

CSU Chico Humanities and Fine Arts Symposium – Spring 2014

Title of work presented: “Second Language Composition in Tutoring Spaces”             

CSU Chico Write On! Writers Showcase – Spring 2012

Title of work presented: “Bilingual Interpretation of the Same Sound-Image” 

CSU Chico Humanities and Fine Arts Symposium – Spring 2012

Title of work presented: “French Linguistic Phenomena: /A/ and /E/ comparative pronunciation of French vowels”

Extracurricular Work

Contributor to literary magazine, “Multicultural Echoes” – CSU Chico Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Member of International Foreign Language Honor Society, Phi Sigma Iota – Beta Tau Chapter               

Outstanding Graduating Senior in the French Major, 2012  – CSU Chico Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Outstanding Position Paper Award and Distinguished Delegation, 2010 – National Model United Nations Conference , New York, NY

Outstanding Delegate Award, 2009 – Pan American Model United Nations Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Professional Research and Development

Graduate Student Research and Conference Grant

Chico, CA

Fall 2014

$300.00 grant recipient to present research from my masters thesis at the Symposium for Second Language Writing at Arizona State University.

Northern California Writing Project, Summer Institute

Chico, CA

Summer 2014

Professional development over the course of three weeks. Worked with other teachers, primarily from K-12 background to reevaluate our practice and learn to implement new tools into the classroom.

French Composition Workshops

Chico, CA

Spring 2014


This work challenges the traditional building blocks and grammar heavy approach to language teaching. My thesis aims to apply learning theories borrowed from communities of practice, distributed cognition, and third spaces to understand how the studio model applies to second language writing for non native and heritage speakers of French.

Focus Group: Upper Division students of French, CSU, Chico

Motivation in the American Student of French

Chico, CA

Fall 2013

Abstract: Looking at work from gaming theorists and scholars Gee, Brandt, Lankshear and Knobel, I was inspired by the use of games to study motivation in the American student of French. I found that the need to know your students is imperative as an instructor, mentor, tutor. A genuine interest in their development and success is representative of one’s teaching. My philosophy of engaged teaching was cultivated in part by this research. This case study looked at students who mainly sought French outside the classroom, at conversation hours or tutoring.

Focus Group: Volunteer students of French, CSU, Chico

Bilingual Interpretation of the Same Sound-Image

Chico, CA

Spring 2012

Abstract: Examining prototype theory, I approached bilingual classmates and attempted to understand the differences associated with their sound images to the same word. I used the words dog and house and set them up next to their translated counterpart. I asked my subjects to jot down the three most pertinent aspects or adjectives describing the image they saw in their head when they read the assigned word. I first started with the English word, then followed it with the translation, and did the same for the word house. A description of my subjects follows their completed surveys.

Focus Group: Bilingual undergraduate students, CSU, Chico

/A/ and /E/ comparative pronunciation of French vowels

Chico, CA

Fall 2011

Abstract: In an attempt to better understand the linguistic variations between Parisian French and North African French, this brief study focused mainly on the /a/ and /u/ vowels and the differences in pronunciation impacted by the heavy influence of their native Arab language in Morocco and Algeria.

Volunteer Experience


Phi Sigma Iota, CSU, Chico

Chico, CA

Sep. 2013 – May 2014

Maintain a minimum of 3.5 cumulative graduate GPA to hold an officer position with this

International Foreign Language Honor Society. Facilitated and maintained a log of meetings,

and spendings. Represented the society in lieu of other members/advisors in campus

collaborative meetings. Assisted with the successful attainment of campus grants.


French Club, CSU, Chico

Chico, CA

Sep. 2011 – Jan. 2014

Served as President and Treasurer for three consecutive terms. Head of social media and

publicity. Facilitated meetings, assure facilities management, research local French cultural

events. Authored current mission statement, created logo, website, and flyers. Organized bake

sales, crepe sales and fundraisers. Established Annual Chico Language Cup Soccer Tournament

and trained subsequent leadership.

ESL Writing Tutor

ESL Resource Center, CSU, Chico

Chico, CA

Jan. 2012 – May 2012

Assisted ESL students with writing, grammar, pronunciation and intonation, oral presentation

and reading comprehension in a variety of disciplines.

Reading Tutor

Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE), CSU, Chico

Chico, CA

Aug. 2008 – May 2009

“Hermanos y Hermanas” program participant. Encouraged and tutored ESL children ages 5-13

with reading, writing and pronunciation.