Cross Cultural Awareness

Cross Cultural Awareness

Cross Cultural Awareness Course Description

“Effectively communicating in a non-native land requires not only linguistic know-how, but cultural knowledge as well. Culture is defined as, a system of values and beliefs which we share with others, all of which gives us a sense of belonging or identity. Each culture exhibits differing values and belief systems, which effect how people perceive reality and react to it. These differences are exhibited through the ways people behave, communicate, and think in different cultures. Such differences can lead to various forms of misunderstandings and communication failure. This course is set out to provide the knowledge that can prevent such misunderstandings. The students will be the experts on their culture and cultural practices” (Brands, C. 2013). I. Cross Culture Awareness Syllabus

II. Example of the Effective Instructional Sequence in an elective class at ALCI.

III.Cross Cultural Awareness Lesson Plan


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