“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

The role of language learning in society is to expand our horizons of communication. Through language, we can understand culture and other patterns of lexical organization, therefore allowing us to communicate with a broader population. Society is the collective beneficiary from language learning.


The role of the teacher in the student’s education is to facilitate. I believe that as a teacher, it is our responsibility to present the knowledge in a comprehensible and attractive way, making it as easy as possible for the student to fall in love with the language. I believe that passion is an effective and desirable trait to have in the language classroom. The teacher should demonstrate commitment to the students and their learning. I am committed to students and their learning because I am planning, thinking, and searching for new and innovative ways to inspire students, to find ways in which they can appreciate and grasp the language in a way that is comprehensible and passionate for them. The teacher should know the languages they teach and know how to teach language. I am well versed in French and English and consider myself a native speaker in both. I believe that knowing the language is a fundamental aspect to being able to teach it. Because I have studied both languages, I find that it is easier to apply my enthusiasm to a topic I am comfortable with. In a multicultural language such as French, it is easy to back away and choose the dominant French culture because it is safe, and easy, but the most fun lies in trying to find innovate, effective ways to insert different cultures. French is all over the world, and so is English; it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide the broadest scope of exposure to the students, giving them authenticity and excitement. I believe I am responsible for planning, managing, and assessing student learning as I have created assessment plans and templates for EDSL 635 (Hybrid Classroom Exam). Through numerous lesson plans, managing a classroom for a semester, and leading various socio-cultural activities in which I exercised planning, management and assessment skills, I believe that I am sufficiently prepared to tackle the next challenge.


The role of the student is to establish clear goals with the language and practice as often as possible. Students, like the teachers, must systematically think about their practice, and learn from their own experiences. They should question everything and never lose the curiosity that inspired them to learn the language in the first place. The teacher can only go as far as the student is willing to go. Through journals, student surveys, and serious reflection, I am systematically assessing myself, my practice and applying lessons I am learning from my own mistakes to the next day. Each day is a new chance to change something, to try something new, to try and ignite that fire. I am still a student and will always be a student in this regard. I believe that one is never full as a teacher, there is always more to learn, more to experience, room for continuous growth.


If you are a visiting student, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear your feedback!

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