EDSL 636 | Foreign and Second Language Education: Testing and Assessment Practices

Course Description

Assessment, diagnosis, and evaluation of foreign/second language skills and proficiency. Emphasis on formal and informal assessment techniques. Course is intended primarily for Language Development and Bilingual Specialists, foreign language and ESL teachers.


EDSL 636 Syllabus SP2012 This is an older syllabus, as I took the course in the spring of 2013, but maintains the same content.

Sample Coursework

Hybrid Classroom Exam

  • “The integration of skills is of paramount importance in language learning.” (Brown & Abeywickrama,2010). This exam has been designed with a cumulative focus in mind, to be used for a midterm or some other heavier weighted test. This exam evaluates the vocabulary that the students already know, as this is the end of a unit where we examined adjectives and descriptive vocabulary. This exam incorporates the interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive modes through different activities.

AP French Exam Critique

  • This analysis and critique of the AP French Exam provided great experience and focus on standardized tests as this provided a model for an effective standardized test. The AP French exam is practical as the washback sets up the course, students, and instructors with clear directions to ensure a perfect score. Teachers are encouraged to alter, adjust and cater their curriculum to the exam. In theory, what happens before the test has a positive correlation to what will happen after the test.


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