During the Summer Institute, we had the opportunity to engage with several texts, many of which sparked serious conversations about how to change the way we see writing in the classroom.

Why Revitalize  Grammar

The infographic below was created as a reading response to the article above.

Multimodal Project  “Keep Your Work Intellectually Challenging”

This article was helpful and great as a reminder that we never master a subject of teaching, and that teachers are always learners. I especially connected with the piece about trust, and am thinking of the ways to instill trust in the writing community that I want to create in my classroom. Maintaining motivation in students is difficult to achieve but with proper scaffolding and inquiry, we can reach that!

“Let’s take another look at the fish”

I constantly feel like I am looking for the most meaningful connection to the student but at the same time, I find myself overwhelmed and I can’t quite settle for a way to do something because  I feel like i’m missing out on a different, better way to present ‘x’. I don’t think I can teach students. I just think that someone somewhere is giving me a chance to help students better understand something. I think it’s important to be a ‘facilitator of learning’ and steer away from ‘presenter of information’ (SO BORING!)

The writing process is a discovery technique that we all need to work on. To help students understand should be the goal, not help them/promote memorization. But is there enough time? Is the answer really just thinking outside the box and getting htem to look at something from a idfferent perspective then what they’re used to?

p29- “students will not write in a more specific way until they learn to think in more specific ways” 

The connection between thinking and writing instantly pops up. There needs to be more writing in a second language and I think that when (in a k-12 setting) students are not in their element/comfort zone, they feel like they’re in a foreign language classroom. And so, by writing in that language, you are owning it. I remember when I was in Japanese classes, the first time I could write a haiku in Japanese, I nearly peed my pants. It was so exciting! Same with German, same with any language where I can put words on a page. It’s SO exciting!! So I’m hoping it will be the same for other students. A goal for me in the classroom is to help students feel comfortable and own the language (subject).



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