Quick Writes

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June 23, 2014

Working with language learners limits the amount of writing we are able to do but I am an advocate of second language writing and am hoping to incorporate as much writing as possible into the classroom. My goals for next year are to have informal writing as often as possible, every class meeting.

June 24, 2014

As a TA in Mr. Cognetta’s 7th grade Social Studies, I was in charge of a lot of things. When we started studying Asian history, he ordered a huge box of fortune cookies and during some activity when the others were working on something, I would sneak a fortune cookie into my backpack. I sat at a desk and it just so happened that the cookies were right underneath the desk, the box touched my knees. The thrill of taking a cookie was so exciting, and the cookies were so close, at arms reach and nobody could see me. After perfecting my sneaky moves I decided to take it further. I would count the minutes and every 3 or so, I would grab one and conceal it in my bag. It wasn’t easy work, I had to be very careful and steady because the wrappers sounded off like alarms if I didn’t use the right moves. One day, Mr. Cognetta was going over the great wall when I decided that I would eat one. It must have taken me like 15 minutes to successfully unwrap the fortune cookie without anyone noticing. And when he asked the students to get up find new partners for their sharing activity, I saw it as the perfect moment to devour my prize. Victory tasted so good that day in Mr. Cognetta’s 7th grade class.


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