French 101 Observations

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Observations and Reflections

Friday 2/1/13 (le debut)

Today was amazing! I did the i + 1 and it was really helpful for the students. A few of them were unsure but I made sure to go to them and let them know that slowly, they would get it. I am so happy I got to teach alone today. It really boosted my confidence to be in charge 100% of the time. I got half the class to pronounce words to isolate if any mispronunciations were floating. A few showed up but I’m glad I had the 1-10 aspect vs 1-25.

What I would have changed:

It was difficult to go further with the content because the students had such a low level of language. I will try and incorporate a video to stimulate input from the students, it may make it easier or more inviting for students to speak. Implementing activities into lesson plans that require everyone participates in a quick way are beneficial to the classroom dynamic.

Sunday 5/5/13 (la fin)

Thinking about my last class, my heart tugs a little. This was my first class, my first group of students that let me teach them, I am so thankful for the opportunity. Thinking about what I could teach them, what can I show them? What can I share with them? There is so much, I want to debrief, maybe the last few minutes, tell them about my experiences, how excited I am for all of them to have chosen French and have it become part of their lives as all language has done for me. I hope they will continue in their venture to discover French, and other languages, and open up another portion of their brain. Learning and teaching is such a cycle. I learn so much from the students, learn so much about myself from them, and I remember, vividly, sitting in their place listening to the professors, all day, about their knowledge, their experiences, and that’s what a university is all about, isn’t it? Being exposed and introduced to other means for acquiring knowledge? It’s a cycle. Here I am learning about how to teach, and how to help them absorb the material. Learning another language opens your brain and allows you to understand, not only for face value, but in depth as well, of what another human being is trying to communicate.

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