ENGL 478 | Linguistic Approaches to Reading

Course Description

In this course, we will explore theories of reading, and pedagogical approaches to reading instruction from a variety of viewpoints including cognitive, linguistic, sociocultural and developmental, giving special attention to the role of linguistics in reading but not limiting ourselves to that. Additionally, we will work with a developing and/or reluctant reader to observe their struggles in learning to read and to gain experience in helping others learn to read.


ENGL 478 Syllabus FA2011

Sample Coursework

ENGL 478 Synthesis of Readings and Research

  • Looking at the relationships between teaching reading, language acquisition and culture, one of the first things to consider when approaching a culturally responsive curriculum is the relationship between culture and education. (Tatum, 74). “Teachers and students must learn how to navigate whatever cultural differences exist in a respectful way and in an atmosphere of mutual trust.” Language is intertwined with culture and it is crucial for culture to be taken into account when deciding what to teach your students. The material must call out to the students or there will be no spark, motivation or empowerment. It is our responsibility as teachers and future teachers to teach students how to ask those thought provoking questions, analyzing both written and non written materials in the context of their lives (Tatum, 42).


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