EDSL 637 | Foreign and Second Language Education: Curriculum Development

Course Rationale

In order to provide high-quality instructional programs, teachers and instructors need to understand both pedagogical practice and the content of the curriculum.  Aware of what language learners should know (content) and be able to do (performance), they must also envision how students are to achieve these goals.  This course addresses areas in the professional knowledge base related to curriculum development, academic language, and the critical curricular elements that skillful educators must weave into the fabric of language programs.


EDSL 637 Syllabus FA2012

Sample Coursework

Task Based Lesson Plan: Part of a larger unit on road tripping in the US, this lesson plan looks at ESL and how to handle a situation where car troubles may occur.

Task Based Unit-Analysis and Reflection: Analysis including connections to different scholars in the field about using tasks to stimulate language use.

Task Based Lesson Plan Skit Handout: This handout is for the students to use when completing the activities from the lesson plan. There are grammar isolation activities, as well as engaging the multiple intelligences by asking the students to draw, and then finally, asking the students to answer some reflection questions.

Program Evaluation-ALCI: Through this assignment, I have realized how much work is put into a language program and how much there is to consider. How much is at risk but also how frequently a program needs to reevaluate itself. Without taking those much needed steps back, it would be easy to become outdated and irrelevant. This evaluation, along with the knowledge I already had as a result of working at ALCI, has contributed to my professional development. I found that I was able to take what I have learned in class and apply it to where I work, giving me a greater understanding of what I do, and what I see at work. I feel like I have a foot in both realms, student and professional, and can see clearer on both sides.

Textbook Analysis-Grammar In Context: This assignment allowed me to look at and ESL grammar textbook and because of it’s comprehensive grammatical approach, I would recommend this textbook to other instructors. GIC introduces current themes that many age groups can identify with and reintroduces the grammatical concept across the various themes. Despite its’ linear layout, GIC supplies it’s readers with plenty of exercises that are relevant and authentic. The language used in the text is also authentic and I found myself at multiple occasions thinking I would say those exact words in casual conversation. Combining grammar with useful information is collateral learning.


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