EDSL 635 | Current Research and Developments in Foreign and Second Language Education

Course Description

Survey of innovative approaches to foreign/second language teaching. An overview of theory and practice in the field, highlighting methods for the development of comprehension and communication skills. Humanistic techniques, teaching the cultural context of language use, and language testing are also included.


EDSL 635 Syllabus SP2013

Sample Coursework

Literature Review: MA Thesis, French Contrastive Rhetoric


Attempting to discover how we can teach French rhetoric and composition to our students to help them become better writers in French. French written texts will be produced by a group of  American students who have taken four semesters of French or the equivalent to French 202. They will be selected on the basis that they had little or no emphatic French writing instruction prior to the workshops and on a volunteer basis. Through contrastive rhetoric studies, the research has shown that your first language and most importantly culture, influences writing in the second language. Through a series of supplementary writing workshops at CSU, Chico where I introduce, teach, and reinforce French rhetoric and composition, this study will use qualitative data to identify if a change occurs in the students’ writing. The study will aim to distinguish the rhetorical differences between written work in English and in French produced by the same student to find out if the students can be taught how to write in a French argumentative style or if their L1 influence is too strong. Looking at past studies of contrastive rhetoric, this will be the first study at CSU, Chico attempting to analyze the L1 influence when writing in the L2. I anticipate that the domestic American students will keep using their L1 argumentative structure. I am hoping that out of these workshops will come some significant change in the French curriculum at CSU, Chico and change the way we teach French writing to our students, where we spend more time on French rhetoric and composition.


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