EDSL 633 | Foreign and Second Language Teaching : The Cultural Dimension

Course Description

This course provides language professionals with an opportunity to examine the cultural dimensions of language teaching and learning. Students investigate context and culture in language teaching, explore ways of addressing culture-related standards, and engage in an in-depth review of research in this area. They also apply their knowledge and skills to enhance interaction and instruction in language classrooms for all learners.


EDSL 633 Syllabus FA2012

Sample coursework

French Textbook Analysis-Face a Face Here I evaluated a textbook for it’s cultural inclusivity as well as effectiveness.

Research Paper: Teaching French Culture Through Comparative Perspectives: looking at heritage language learners as well as culturally diverse classrooms.

Sample Lesson Plans

This course elaborated on the inclusivity of authenticity in the basic EIS (Effective Instructional Sequence) lesson plan.

Cultural Products: A lesson plan using and highlighting the use of cultural products, La liberté guidant le peuple, a famous painting, as a source for cultural awareness in a language classroom.

Cultural Practices: Using French realia from online blogs, a metro map, and a real doctor in Paris, the cultural practice of going to the doctor is used to teach body vocabulary.

Cultural Perspectives: Comparing colonialism in the eyes of the Congo and Haiti, and using a clip and article from the Francophonie Summit in Kinshasa, Congo last fall, this lesson plan is full of cultural and linguistic realia as students are asked to think more critically in French.

Cultural Persons: Setting the stage in a French café with all the great classical French writers, I ask students to imagine a conversation after playing a modified version of “Guess who?” with these cultural persons.


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