EDCI 689 | Professional Field Experience

Course Rationale

The purpose of a professional field experience is (a) to relate theories and principles from the program’s conceptual framework to actual classroom practice; (b) to develop competencies in the creation of meaningful learning experiences for all students; and (c) to study and practice in various educational settings with diverse student populations (adapted from NCATE, 1995).  Such experiences are intended to foster reflection and provide an opportunity for feedback from students, teachers/instructors, and others (Cloud, 2001).

Course Description

Specially designed and supervised field experience activities through coaching or mentoring, appropriate to the level of expertise and profession. Participants enhance competencies related to instruction, curriculum, assessment, and management. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 15.0 units. Credit/no credit grading only.


EDCI 689 Syllabus SP2013

Sample coursework

Sample Lesson Plans-ALCI, French 101: These are 4 samples of lessons I wrote for ALCI-Cross Cultural Awareness, looking at small talk and American idioms, and a Reading 5 lesson plan, looking at summarizing strategies. The other two are for French 101, with activities of how to teach “être” and “avoir”, and how to teach “café” vocabulary with activities like “Café Amanda” and setting the stage with music and props. 

ALCI Observations: This will take you to a page where I have documented my reflections about teaching ESL.

French 101 Observations: This will take you to a page where I have documented my reflections about teaching French, and how my approach has changed throughout the semester, what worked and what did not work.


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